Letter from the Artistic Director:

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When we think of chamber music, we think of intimate space: warm, inviting, inspiring. The concert hall, the chamber, becomes a physical extension of a musical experience, one that is felt deeply and shared among the audience, who in turn develop an authentic sense of involvement with the performers. Very much unlike the large, hierarchical symphonic orchestra, chamber music is the one classical music discipline that demands a “soloistic” level of quality from each member of the group, and yet there can be no “star” because, ultimately, a chamber concert is all about relationship. This creates dual demands for the musicians: they must perform at the highest technical level, and yet at the same time be mainly concerned with the performance as a whole, not just their own piece of it. It is this “unselfish virtuosity” that characterizes the art form at its best.

This year, New World Trio enters its seventh season as “Ensemble-in-Residence” at St John’s Episcopal Church in West Hartford, Connecticut. St John’s has become a recognized venue for fine music; its beautiful neo-gothic interior and excellent acoustics create the perfect atmosphere for groups such as ours. St John’s extends its programs freely to the community as part of their outreach, which is why performing groups there receive donations rather than sell tickets. We at New World find that this fits perfectly with our own mission to bring fine music to all that would hear it, regardless of their financial standing. When you attend our concerts, and/or donate to NWT, you become a participant in that outreach, and part of New World’s musical family.

Once again, please join us for music that “stimulates, entertains, and inspires.”

Anhared Stowe